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Tee Off Buddies Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is designed to ensure a safe environment for you and all our members. Our aim is to provide services to members who are serious about finding golf enthusiast for the purpose of meeting other golfers only.

Listed below are the values we believe will provide you a safe and effective golf match making service.
Agreeing to our Code of Conduct is a condition of use.

Breach of our Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions will result in the removal of your membership with out notice or Refund.

The following rules below outline the Code of Conduct, but not limited to commence use.

The Tee Off Buddies Code of Netiquette

I will treat other members with dignity and respect.

I will accurately complete my profile including truthfully stating my age, gender.

I will represent myself honestly in all communications with Tee Off Buddies members and staff.

I will not use defamatory, abusive, obscene or profane language on Tee Off Buddies website or through emails.

I will only upload photos to the Tee Off Buddies website that are of me. Un-doctored, are not offensive and have been taken within the last two years.

I will only use Tee Off Buddies for personal use, not for any commercial purposes.

I will act to protect my own privacy in my communications and will not include any contact details in my publicly available profile. I acknowledge to do so will result in my membership being terminated with out notice. And loss of any payment made to Tee Off Buddies.

I will promptly report any breaches of the code of ethics or terms and conditions to the site administrators.


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